What's next for

A current rundown of our roadmap.



Promote to eligible customers via SMS


Custom eligibility

  1. Everyone
  2. Voucher Holder (vouchers can be promoted by the client or purchased e.g. as a gift)
  3. Member
  • Paid Group membership
  • Assigned Group Membership

d) Segment

  • Behaviour based – e.g. total spend, days since signing up, last order date, postcode etc.

e) Checked In Booking

  • Customer during booking


Variety of qualifiers and benefits

  1. Discount
  • Fixed price, fixed discount, percentage discount
  • On order over
  • On Items
  • On All items in category
  • On All items in menu
  • On a specific booking resource type
  • On any resource/item with a specified meta tag

b) Service discount

  • Same qualifiers as discount in cart

c) Multi-buy

  • Buy one get one free
  • Buy seven get two free
  • Buy four items in this category for a £x.xx

d) Bundle

  • Buy one item from each of these categories for £x.xx
  • Buy five items with this metatag for £x.xx

e) Complimentary Item

  • Spend an amount to get a free item

f) Cross Sell

  • If you have item A in your basket, be prompted to buy item B  (if you haven’t already) when you check out

g) Loyalty Scheme

  • Receive scheduled customisable credits – based on historic spend

h) Membership Scheme

  • Bought or assigned
  • Entitled to any specific combination of other promotions

h) Pre Payment

  • Pre pay and get a percentage extra to spend

Stock/Production System


PoS competitive Stock system

  1. SKU based
  2. Purchase Orders
  3. Stock Takes
  4. Low stock alarms
  5. Inbound Consignment Processing
  6. Made To Order, Made For Stock, Bought to Order, Bought for Stock Drop Ship (Supplier needs Tillex)
  7. Calculates stock dynamically for customer based on purchase order/delivery/production schedule
  8. Stock reserved when added to cart for 15 minutes


Production System

  1. Schedules the production of MFS and MTO items (in the latter behaves like a kitchen management system)
  2. Automates the appropriate order processing steps above
  3. Incorporates packing and dispatch


Delivery System

  1. ‘Driver App’
  2. Calculates route plan
  3. Integrates with phone sat nav
  4. Sets order status with greater precision for SMS customer notifications

Q2 & beyond



  1. User friendly Dashboard
  2. Adopt best practice’s



  1. Provide data for performance marketing
  2. Via Google Analytics (initially)


Passwordless Accounts

  1. Biometrics on phones
  2. Biometrics on PCs (Windows Hello)
  3. Enhances checkout performance
  4. Removes forgot password pain


Digital Wallet Support

  1. Google Pay
  2. Apple Pay



  1. Alternative order processing system optimized for point of sale use
  2. Optimized for tablet/small windows screen operation
  3. Add attended orders, telephone orders and accept online orders
  4. Manage booking arrivals/departures/movements
  5. Process tabs
  6. Key system configuration
  7. Integrated Card Processing via Marhaba Payments



  1. CRM
  2. Marketing Automation
  3. Acounting
  • QuickBooks 
  • Xero
  • Sage 


Whats app messaging


Just Eat/Deliveroo integration 

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