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Shop plastic free has gained traction as consumers instantly see positive environmental results through making ethical shopping choices. The result is a huge rise in refill stores. But it’s not all plain sailing for business owners as zero waste retailer Greg Hassell, found out when he struggled to answer customer order requirements using conventional ecommerce.


Whole Foods Pantry
Greg Hassell runs The Wholefoods Pantry in Thame, a picturesque market town on the outskirts of Oxfordshire. His fabulous shop promotes healthy living made easy through a range of organic products and is extremely popular with shop local supporters. Before pandemic restrictions were imposed, customers queued up to buy ecologically packaged items or order their favourite tea but during Lockdown 1, it was clear that purchasing habits would change forever. Luckily, Greg had met Smokin Donut Ltd who a) drank a lot of tea and b) wanted a champion for their online selling platform www.tillex.co.uk that helps retailers to sell in weight and volume.





Work Undertaken.

The Wholefoods Pantry established a new online presence by using the Tillex dashboard in a white-labelled format (no mention of Tillex) beautifully branded in TWP house style as software engineer Chris Brown listened to the needs for a container free doorstep delivery service along with processing orders for traditional footfall customers. During this time, Greg continued to engage with his fanbase on social media, reporting glowing praise from users of his flexible online shop that also acted as an app. Over a year, team Tillex added more and more features to the dashboard which, if purchased as separate plugins on Greg’s previous platform, would amount to around £2,000 a month. The point of the project was to empower a small retailer with the same tools as a multi national brand. And, with each rollout of a new upgrade, Greg reported ease of use. Tillex is designed to be subscriber-driven with minimal training needs. He also reported a ten-fold growth in online sales as customers gradually replaced their weekly supermarket shop with a container free refill delivery service at The Wholefoods Pantry.

Key Findings.

Measured proof of business growth via www.tillex.co.uk and future iterations of the software will offer sustainable ethical suppliers Tillex subscriber partner centre access for supply chain re stocking as products deplete on purchase.

Client Comments.

“Before Tillex we had no useful level of control and other options proved to be inflexible and expensive. Tillex is a phenomenal tool that I can adjust without incurring costs. Customers constantly tell us how impressed they are with our online shop. It has definitely helped to fast track our business growth.”

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